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Six Benefits Of Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

The process of tooth extraction doesn’t sound fun at all. However, for better oral health, your dentist may advise you to remove your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are those teeth that arrive on the corners of your arches during your late teens or early twenties. However, when they emerge, the arches don’t have the space to accommodate them, giving you trouble. Dentists often find that extraction is the best course of action against wisdom teeth.

Here are the six significant benefits of removing your wisdom teeth.

More space for other teeth

When your wisdom teeth erupt, there is rarely any room for them. Therefore, they overcrowd your dentition, pushing adjacent molars. It causes a shift in your natural teeth structure and alignment. That’s why dentists recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth. Otherwise, you will have to take major corrective surgeries later on to resolve misalignment issues.

Minimize damage to other teeth

The wisdom teeth put additional pressure on your jaws and other molars to make space. They can loosen the roots or grind with other teeth to remove their enamel and leave them vulnerable to cavities. 

Furthermore, wisdom teeth themselves are not easily accessible, hence challenging to clean. Therefore, they are often prone to decay, cavities, and other oral infections.

It prevents cysts and tumors

If not cleaned properly, impacted wisdom teeth or fully emerged wisdom teeth could become a breeding ground for oral bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria can also cause tumors and cysts in your gums, causing severe pain in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). To cure the pain, you will need to undergo lengthy and complex treatments and procedures under a TMJ specialist.

Reduces orofacial pain

The problems caused by wisdom teeth such as bacterial infections, cavities, structural changes cause pain and discomfort. Sometimes the pain is so severe that you can hardly eat anything.  Removing the wisdom teeth will help you get rid of all the pain and the problems caused due to them. 

Fewer oral injuries

Due to lack of space, wisdom teeth often emerge at the wrong angles in your mouth. Since they are turned at bad angles, you frequently bite your cheek while chewing, causing injuries and mouth ulcers. Removing such wrongly turned teeth can reduce injuries and discomfort in your mouth. 

Prevent headaches

When you have a headache, tooth problems are not the first thing that comes to your mind. However, if you constantly have headaches that doctors can’t find a solution to, it would be an excellent time to consult your dentist. The wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding in your mouth, which can affect the nerves in your head and cause headaches.  Your dentist can examine the problem and suggest the best course of action.

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