Dr. J. Marlow Fenn

Dr. Fenn Sr. brings years of medical anesthesiology experience to our practice. As soon as you meet him, you will realize where the other Dr. Fenn gets his "fun" personality. You are in good hands with Dr. Snooze :)

Dr. J. Marlow Fenn MD is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. He was also born in Mesa, where he attended Mesa High School. He served a mission for the LDS church in Mexico City and later married his wife Natalie. He has four children, including the other Dr. Fenn! After receiving his MD from the University of Texas, San Antonio, medical school and completing anesthesiology residency, he moved his family to Henderson, NV where he practiced for 19 years with the same anesthesia group, helping many thousands of people with their surgeries, births and other procedures. Dr. Fenn has now partnered with his son and wants to help many thousands more find comfort during their extractions.

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