Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important | Wisdom Teeth Removal San Tan Valley

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important | Wisdom Teeth Removal San Tan Valley

In many ways, the loss of a tooth is distressing and upsetting. Many individuals focus on the aesthetic impact that a missing tooth might have on their smile, but it can also lead to a variety of health difficulties and other complications.

When teeth are lost, there are several complications, which is why it is essential to take excellent care of your teeth. Also, knowing the solutions for replacing lost teeth can go a long way toward helping you restore the health of your smile if and when you lose a tooth.

Consequences of Missing Teeth

  • Your teeth provide regular pressure on your jaw bone, stimulating it to develop new cells and keeping it healthy. When a tooth is gone, it no longer stimulates the bone, resulting in bone degeneration. This might result in various side effects such as sunken cheeks and an aged look. 
  • Teeth loss can cause the remaining teeth to move, undoing years of costly orthodontic work. Because it is difficult to adequately eliminate extra particles from the teeth, the teeth become more prone to decay.
  • A misaligned bite can result from missing teeth. It can also make chewing difficult and cause serious speech problems. 
  • When teeth are lost, it can affect an individual’s mental health. There is a correlation between missing teeth and emotions of despair or anxiety, according to research.
  • Missing teeth will also affect the individual’s general self-esteem. 
  • It can lead to chronic headaches in some people.
  • It becomes more difficult to consume healthy solid meals such as vegetables and fruits which leads to a decline in nutrition.

Solutions for Replacing Lost Teeth

  • Fixed Bridge: A permanent bridge fills the space left by one or more missing teeth.
  • Resin-Retained Bridge: A resin-retained bridge is comparatively far less intrusive than a permanent bridge.
  • Removable Partial Denture:A removable partial denture replaces a tiny area of missing teeth while looking and functioning normally.
  • Removable Complete Denture:Considering how many teeth you have now, removable full dentures might be somewhat intrusive and may need numerous visits to the dentist.
  • Dental Implant: A surgical technique that involves the implantation and fusion of a new tooth root with the jawbone.

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